St. Ann's Lenten/Easter Schedule

April 17 Holy Thursday
(no daily mass) 7pm       Mass of the Lord’s
Supper followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 11pm

April 18 Good Friday (no daily mass)     3pm       Solemn Liturgy of the
  Lord’s Passion
April 18 Good Friday                              7pm       Stations of the Cross

April 19 Holy Saturday (no daily mass)  7:30pm   Easter Vigil Mass

April 20 Easter Sunday                         Masses are 7:30am, 9am,
                                                             10:30am & 12 noon    

The Rectory will close at 2pm on Holy Thursday and will reopen the  
                       Monday after Easter at 9am.

The St. Ann’s Adoration Chapel Is Getting A “Facelift”-The Chapel is
closed until Sunday May 4th at 1pm.  Join us that day for a special
rededication ceremony and a look at the newly refurbished chapel.  Can
you help with an hour of your time at the chapel?  Volunteers are needed
to fill the following hours each week :  
Tuesdays at 7am and 2pm (every
other week), Thursday at 12am, Friday 4am and 11am (every other
week), Saturday at 1am, 3am 6pm, 7pm and 12 noon (every other
week).  Interested?  Please call 668-1819.      

What’s A Catholic To Do?  On a daily basis our homes are subjected to
a torrent of immorality from the media that was unthinkable 50 years ago.
Come to a presentation with a special guest speaker at St. Ann's on
Saturday, May 10, which will give us the historical perspective on what
Catholics used to do to keep anti-Christian and immoral entertainment out
of their homes and away from their families, how the system fell apart and
why, and what a successful contemporary approach to the problem might
entail. The talk will be held in the church immediately after 5pm Mass.
There is no charge to attend, and guests are welcome.
Do you or someone you know want to become Catholic?
Knights of Columbus - Msgr. Dewson Council
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