Cathedral School Choir - is coming for a second year and will  enhance
11:30am Mass this Sunday, March 8th.  They will also  be singing
the St. Ann's Adult Choir.  All are welcome!   

St. Casimir Dinner Saturday March 7th - THE DINNER IS SOLD OUT!

Soup & Reflection -
will  begin Tuesday March 10th at 6pm and
continues each Tuesday until March 24th.  Nourish your body then
nourish your soul!  A wonderful presentation on St. Francis by Sr.
Kathleen Moffatt  will begin after the free Lenten meal!  The soups for
Tuesday March 10th will be Italian Wedding and Vegetarian Vegetable.  

Concert with Vince Martell from the Classic 60’s and –
Vanilla Fudge
on April 11th – Join us for an exciting show with master guitarist Vince
Martell from Vanilla Fudge.  How big were they?  When Led Zeppelin was
a new band, they opened for Vanilla Fudge...the stars of the show.  Vince
Martell’s guitar riff for “You Keep Me Hanging On” was listed in Rolling
Stone magazine as one of the “100 Heaviest of all Time”.  Vince will be
playing Fudge classics and other 60‘s favorites. Get your tickets now.  
$20 Adults, ages 14-18 $5.00, 12 and under and all St. Ann’s school
children FREE.  Get tickets after mass, at the rectory during business
hours or order online at www.splatterconcerts.com.  Cash only
Food/ drink available for purchase at the show.  Doors open 6:15pm.

A person must be 16 years or older and a
practicing and fully initiated Catholic, having completed the sacraments of
Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.  If married, the union must be
recognized by the Catholic Church.  One Catholic godparent is required;
2 godparents (one male & one female) is the ordinary and recommended
practice.  Keep in mind the purpose of a sponsor is to give good example
and support in the Catholic faith of the baptized.  Documentation of
eligibility for all Catholic godparents are required from the Catholic Church
where they are registered and attend weekly mass.  If you have eligibility
questions, please call (302)654-8504 before choosing any godparents.  
The next required Baptismal Preparation class will be Thursday, March
19th at 7pm in the St. Ann’s School Library.  To register, please call the
rectory at (302)654-5519 or stannschurch1@verizon.net.  


Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night,
                                             March 7th!!

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