Triduum Trivia from the Pastor:
Posted 12/02/2018 08:16PM
Not so fast my carnivorous friends. While Good Friday is not a Lenten fast, it is called the "Paschal Fast" to prepare to unite ourselves with Christ's dying and rising and our commemoration of His journey from death to life.                "Spy" what? You heard right. In earlier times in the Church, this last day of Lent, Wednesday of Holy Week had different names. Byzantine, Eastern Rite Catholic Churches as well as Greek Orthodox often refer to this day as "Holy" or "Great" Wednesday. The name of this day receives it's designation from two passages in the gospel. The first involves Judas's upset that a woman anoints Jesus's feet with costly perfume at the home of a Pharisee named Simon, who did not offer that hospitality to Jesus. Judas objects that such extravagance was a waste and the money should be given to the poor. Jesus allows her to do it in preparation for his burial. The second reference of "spy" recalls Judas's business agreement with the elders of the people to betray Jesus in the garden with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver.(See the Italian painting of Judas plotting with the elders.) The Latin word for spy literally means to "ensnare" or "ambush" which is what actually took place with soldiers armed with swords and clubs arresting Jesus after Judas points Him out. The fact that Judas left the Last Supper table to seal the deal was the ultimate act of "betrayal." The word "betray" gets our attention more than spy although in actuality that's what the scribes and pharisees were doing all along, even before Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, spying on him. That miracle was the last piece of straw. Jesus, hurt by Judas's actions, identifies him by what he is doing when he says to his apostles, "See, my betrayer is near." As we walk the road to Calvary, let us never betray our Blessed Lord by our sins, but seek his love and forgiveness, for which he died and rose, that we might have eternal life. And now you know. Blessed Triduum to all.
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