Guidelines for Mass Attendance
Posted 09/15/2019 08:12PM


Protocols beginning June 1, 2020

 June 1 - Daily Mass Monday – Friday at 8 am

June 6 – 7 Weekend Masses: Saturday at 4 pm, Sunday at 7:30 am and 10:30 am


Entering the Church and Seating: Enter through the open center doors only so doors do not need to be touched. Masks are to be worn for the duration of Mass by adults and children 13 and older. Young children should remain in the pew with adults at all times. 

All who are over age 60 should evaluate their own health condition as to the risk factor for themselves and others in entering a public space. Older adults are strongly encouraged to attend a weekly daily Mass instead of attending on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. The bishop has removed the obligation to attend Sunday Mass during this pandemic. This applies to all Catholics in the Diocese of Wilmington. 

Pews are roped off and marked in accordance with the 6 foot rule. Please do not remove or adjust these pew markers which are there for the safety of all. You may sit in a pew that is not roped off. In addition, blue tape marks off 6 feet in each pew for individuals not from the same household to space apart.

 The side pews are now reduced to one person or two people from the same household per pew, every other pew, seated close to the wall, away from the aisle. Individuals by themselves are requested to sit in side-aisle pews. 

The two center-section pews hold up to seven persons. If you are a household of 3-7 persons, you may sit there as a same household group. A two-person household (spouses for example) may sit at each end of an open center section pew; each pew limited to two couples one at each end of the pew. A couple may sit at one end of the pew and an individual (friend) may sit on the other end of the pew.

 The Mass: Masses will be abbreviated and will not include a procession up the aisle, offertory procession, or sign of peace. The only one in the sanctuary and sacristy will be the priest. No servers, readers, cantors, etc. at this time. 

Reception of the Eucharist: Both the priest and communicant at communion will be masked. Communion will be distributed after the final blessing so that the faithful may leave church immediately while avoiding a back-up and observing social distancing. There can be no public gathering outside church, in the parking lot, or in the social hall.

 Those in the center pews will proceed up the center aisle to receive Communion. Communicants are requested to maintain a six-foot distance between others in their pew and in line. Communion in the hand is strongly recommended. Neither the priest nor the communicant may wear gloves for Communion. If you receive on the tongue and there is contact with the priest, he must stop the line and use sanitizer. After receiving, the communicant steps to the side, lowers mask and consumes the Host. The communicant will proceed to the side isle and exit the Church.  

     After those in the center pews have received, those in the side pews will proceed up their aisle to the priest, who will be at the center aisle. The priest will distribute Communion alternating to his right and left. After consuming the Host, the communicant will proceed down the center aisle and exit the Church.

 Missals and Prayer Books: Paper materials have been removed from the Church, and participants are encouraged to bring their own.

 RESTROOM WILL BE CLOSED. The church has only one restroom. It does not meet the necessary safety guidelines for large group usage with restrictions so it is not able to be used during Masses.

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