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A welcome from our Pastor...

Welcome to our parish community.  Thank you for giving St. Ann’s Parish the opportunity to serve you on your spiritual journey of faith.  You have joined a parish that is rich in tradition from our foundation in 1868, known then as St. James. 
And St. James we would still be, if it wasn’t for the B&O Railroad being built in 1887 so near to the church.  Our slender building had to be relocated to its present location and ultimately it was decided to rename the church to St. Ann.      
Since those rebuilding days, much has changed.  St. Ann’s grew from just a one story church to having a second story and tower, a school and a convent house.  The growth of our parish was astounding and still is today.  The sound of our bells, although now digitalized, still ring out daily calling us to worship.    
While our current community is made up of people who live in and around the immediate neighborhood, our membership is also comprised of parishioners who come from other parts of the city and New Castle County.  Young people who grew up in the parish and went to St. Ann Elementary School, are now returning to raise their own families.  They are eager to pass along their St. Ann experiences to their children. 
You will find welcoming, faith-filled people who will want to get to know you and make you feel part of the family.  I know this because, as the Pastor of St. Ann’s, I myself was warmly welcomed as a newcomer by our parishioners just years ago.
There are many opportunities at St. Ann’s to deepen our spiritual lives and to live out the call of our Baptism.  Volunteers in all of our ministries are always welcome.  I know our parish will benefit from your own gifts and talents and I hope that you will consider some form of service as a member of the St. Ann’s community.  May the Lord bless you and your family through the intercession of St. Ann, Mother of our Blessed Lady. 
Prayerfully in Christ,
Fr. John J. Mink

Welcome to St. Ann Parish