St Ann School Annual Fund

St. Ann School formed the Annual Fund in 2018 as a way to secure the legacy of Catholic education for future students of our school. Through the generosity of parishioners, alumni, parents, and other committed stakeholders, last year, the Annual Fund raised $50,000. This is an incredible show of support and commitment for the future of our school.

The St. Ann School Annual Fund uses 100% of the donations to provide for the evolving needs of the school, the students and faculty, which is at the forefront of our mission.

This year the school fund was to provide quality education in an environment which could ensure the safety of the students and staff. The annual fund was used to upgrade facilities to allow students and staff to safely return to school if they wished or continue their education online.  Air purifies were installed in high traffic areas such as the social hall and gymnasium. Hand sanitizing stations were made available throughout the buildings and contactless water purifiers were installed. A state of the art temperature measuring equipment is in use at the main door and provides essential temperature screening for students and staff. Each student was allocated an ipad or chromebook to facilitate online or in school learning. The internet broadband width was increased and each teacher was provided with a new laptop and web camera for online classes.

Use of the outdoors has been maximized with the purchase of two large tents to provide shade and the church parking lot was resurfaced and fenced. These areas have provided extra outdoor space and are used for lunch, recess and physical education class. While these enhancements have been necessary to ensure the safe return of students during the pandemic, the fundamental purpose of the Annual fund has not been forgotten. In these times of unemployment and reduced or uncertain incomes, education is still a priority for the school and the annual fund will still be used to provide tuition assistance to those in need.

For over 100 years St. Ann School has proudly provided countless memories that have spanned generations with the reality of a Catholic Education.  The Parish can only continue to support the mission of the school through the continued generosity of our parishioners, parents and friends. 

Your gift will be paying it forward so that others can continue to benefit from St. Ann School’s cutting edge, high quality Academics program.  Please consider making a gift at any time to the St. Ann School Annual Fund by check, Paypal or Parish Giving.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.